Visitor FAQ’s

Indian Run United Methodist Church welcomes all visitors and those looking for a church home! It is our hope that in the information on this page will answer any questions you may have and will help you feel more comfortable on your first visit. We invite you to look over the rest of the site to learn more about the life of Indian Run. If you have additional questions,would like to take a tour of the church, or would like to schedule a conversation with a pastor, please contact the church office.
Indian Run offers two Sunday services to give you a choice of worship experiences. The Traditional Worship Service starts at 9:30am and the Contemporary Worship Services starts at 11am. Each worship service lasts approximately 60 minutes.
The 9:30am Traditional Worship Service includes traditional hymns, organ music, choir, multiple scripture readings, and a more traditional feel. The 11am Contemporary Worship Service includes contemporary praise and worship favorites led by the praise team with piano, guitars, etc. with a more relaxed feel. The sermon series is the same at both services.
We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and nurturing environment to help the children of our community to grow in God’s love. On Sunday mornings, we are pleased to offer the following:
      – Birth – 3 years old: Professional Nursery Care during both services
      – 3 years – 4th Grade: Grace Place Children’s Sunday School during both services
      – 3rd – 6th Grades – K4J (Kids 4 Jesus):  Faith enrichment groups held throughout the week.
      – 6th – 12th Grade: Y2Y (Youth-2-Youth) Small Group during the 9:30am service.
Please note: Children are always welcome to sit with you in the Sanctuary during both services. See an usher to receive a Worship Activity Bag. Indian Run follows Safe Sanctuary policies to ensure the safety of all children. All children going to the nursery and Grace Place must be check in at the Welcome Center to receive a name tag and a Safe Sanctuary Card. For additional information of offerings, please visit the Children’s Ministries and Student Ministries areas of the website.
Indian Run does not have a dress code, but most folks tend to dress up a bit for worship services. You will see everything from suites and dresses, to khakis and jeans and even shorts on some of our youth. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable!
We suggest that you plan to arrive a bit early to allow time to get your bearings and to check-in your children for Sunday Morning Programming. We extend a special invitation for you to come up to one half hour prior to the service start times to have a cup of coffee and some conversation.  You won’t want to miss our Fellowship Brunch at 10:30am between services each week.
At Indian Run, it is our goal that each guest be welcomed with “radical hospitality”! We want you to feel at home the minute you enter the front door.
Upon entering the church, you will be welcomed by one of our greeters. Restrooms are located down the first hallway on the right. (Additional restrooms are located down the Education Wing across from the Sanctuary – which is handicapped accessible and another, just past the glass doors at the entrance of the Preschool area in Celebration Hall.) Also to the right, as you enter the church is Fellowship Hall.
To the left, after you enter the church, you will see our Welcome Center. We encourage you to stop and introduce yourself. A member of the Welcoming / Guest Services Team would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have, so be on the lookout for folks with green name tags and ASK THEM ANYTHING!
Also located at the Welcome Center is the Children’s Programming Check-In. All children, ages 6 weeks – 4th grade participating in Sunday Morning Programming at Indian Run must complete a Children’s Ministry Registration Form and check in at the Welcome Center. This will help our staff and volunteers to keep your child safe during their time at Indian Run. Please understand, children are always welcome to stay with you during the service if you choose. Please check with an usher to receive an activity bag if you would like a little assistance entertaining your child during the service. At check in, each child will receive a name tag and parents will receive a Safe Sanctuary Card that will be needed to pick up your child at the end of the service. Should your child require your assistance during the service, your Safe Sanctuary Card # will flash on the screen to alert you to slip out of the service. All children, ages 6 weeks to 3 years old can check in and be taken to the Nursery anytime prior to 10 minutes before the start of the service. A member of the Welcome Team can assist you with dropping off your child for the first time. All children, ages 3 – 4th grade who will be attending Grace Place will accompany you into the sanctuary and sit with you for the first part of the service. Grace Place volunteers will lead them to their classrooms at the appropriate time during the service, typically shortly after the opening. At 9:30am, 6th – 12th graders are invited to participate in Y2Y (Youth 2 Youth) in the Youth Room upstairs. Again, a member of the Welcome Team can assist you on locating this room. PLEASE NOTE: Indian Run observes Safe Sanctuary policies for the protection of all children.
Just passed the Welcome Center, on the left hand side is the Connection Center, where you can pick up more information about the ministries of Indian Run. Again, feel free to stop at the Welcome Center to ask any questions.
You are invited to stop by the Coffee Connection in Fellowship Hall before and after each service. This is another wonderful opportunity to meet others! The Coffee Connection is open one half hour prior to the start of the 9:30am service, between service, and for 15 minutes after the 11am service. You are welcome to carry your coffee into the Sanctuary!
At the entrance to the Sanctuary, an usher will provide you with a copy of the program (bulletin) for that service. The usher can also help you to your seat, if you should need assistance. They can also provide you with an activity bag if you have a child attending the service with you.
Before the service begins, make yourself comfortable. The screen at the front of the church will display upcoming events and activities of the church. Your program will also include a listing of events and activities, so you can see what is happening at Indian Run that might interest you and/or your family. Inside of the program is a small card called the Connection Card. We ask that you complete as much of the card as you feel comfortable. This will record your attendance with us and also help us to get to know you a bit better. You also have the opportunity to check if you would like to be contacted or would like additional information of a variety of topics. Please drop your Connection Card in the offering plate later in the service.
Inside of the program lists the order of the service. Typically, the words to all songs and responses will be posted on the front screen for your convenience. You will find hymnals (song books used for the Traditional Worship) and bibles in the pew racks for your convenience.
Holy Communion is a part of the service on the first Sunday of each month. Indian Run observes an open table and all are invited to partake. The volunteers from Grace Place will bring your child back early for you to be able to take Communion as a family. If you choose not to partake, simply remain in your seat when released by the usher. Gluten-free elements are available at each service and you will be instructed where those will be located. Typically, we receive Communion by Intinction, which means we tear off a small piece of the bread and dip it into the grape juice and then eat it. Please get the attention of an usher if you have questions or need assistance.
During each service, the ushers will make their way through the church to collect the offering. Indian Run members and regular attenders are asked to support the ministries of the church. As a first-time guest, we ask that you simply put your Connection Card in the plate / basket and pass it along.
At the end of each service, the congregation will hold hands and sing the Irish Blessing. At the end of the song, it is tradition to give the hand you are holding a quick squeeze and tell that person to have a good week. We think this is the perfect send off to start your week!
As you exit, the ushers will be available if you need assistance locating the pick up areas for your children. Don’t forget, you will need to present your Safe Sanctuary Card to the volunteer.

After picking up your child, you can greet the Pastor by the front entrance on your way out. We also encourage you to stop by the Welcome Center with any additional questions you might have after attending the service. If you have attended the first service, please stay and be our guest at Fellowship Brunch. If you are attending the second service, be sure to come early next time!

We hope to see you this Sunday!