Women’s Groups

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study
Women of all ages are welcome to share in Christian fellowship and the study of the Bible.  We alternate our study between books of the Old and New Testament.  We each have a study book that guides us through the scriptures of the particular book of the Bible we are studying.  We answer questions, discuss the Bible verses, and then discuss how we might apply what we have learned to our everyday living.  Everyone participates as we learn together and learn from one another.  We occasionally use a separate study during Advent, Lent, and the summer months.
Location:  IRUMC—Library
Duration:  Weekly, Year-Round 
Meeting Dates and Time:
Thursdays, 10:00am 
Contact:  Laura Schultz—leschultz@aol.com / 614-546-8755
Open Hearts Women’s Study Group
This group is inviting women of all ages and stages!  Each week’s study stands alone. Each study is different, but during the current study, this group’s time together is spent watching a video series, reading bible verses, discussion, and some journaling.
Location: Indian Run  
Duration:  Weekly, Starting September 14th
Meeting Dates and Time:  Wednesdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Contact:  Julie Fletcher—dfletch1@columbus.rr.com / 614-571-6618
Women of All Ages and Stages
This group is made up of women of various ages, 30’s to 65.  We have a fabulous group of women who are in a variety of stages in their lives.  Their children range from elementary school age to college graduates to married with their own children.  We get different perspectives on our study and life in general since we have such a variety of experiences to bring to the group.  The women in our group are stay-at-home moms, women that work or volunteer, and women who are looking for a new direction in their lives.  The women in our small group share the responsibility of leading which makes every session unique as we learn about God’s word, ourselves and one another.
Location:  IRUMC – Library
Duration:  Weekly, Starting September 14th
Meeting Dates and Time:  Wednesdays, 10:00am
Contact:  Julie Allen—julieallen0803@gmail.com  / 614-286-6575