Mixed Adult Groups

A group of Older, Wiser, Livelier Seniors!  Our purpose is to come together in Christian faith and love to foster social camaraderie, enjoy good food, and fun times! Many of our events are held in our Fellowship Hall, like afternoon teas, guest speakers, and game nights. Some of our past outings include, Picnic with The Pops, movies and live theater, short day trips and factory tours. We also host empowerment opportunities, like CPR/AED basic course training, seminars on the internet and how to protect yourself in the cyber world. But above all, we offer support to each other as we move through life. Some ways we do this is by helping to negotiate transportation to our fellow OWLS who can’t drive, and loaning medical equipment for those of us who have a temporary need. We are always looking for more people who want to join us as we navigate through life Older, Wiser, and Livelier!
Contact:  for planned events: Sue Weaver—sueweaver8606@gmail.com / 614-323-9045                                                            for medical equipment: Sharon Johnson – slknep.johnson@ gmail.com / 916-425-1945
Christian Book Club
The Christian Book Club would like to invite men and women to meet once a month to explore faith issues based on a book-of-the-month selection. 
Location:  Indian Run 
Duration:  Monthly, December & Summer Off
Meeting Dates and Time:  1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm  
Contact:  Sally Robinson—donsally45@gmail.com               
DIGGS:  Delighting in God’s Grace and Service
We are a mixed group of married and singles, of various ages.  We study Christian books together and discuss the meaning to our lives.  We welcome new members of any age at any time. 
Location:  Indian Run—Resource Room
Duration:  Twice Monthly, Summer Off
Meeting Dates and Time:  1st and 3rd
Monday, 7:30– 9:00pm
Contact:  Sue Weaver—sueweaver8606@gmail.com / 614-764-2346
Mosaic Connection Group
Mosaic – Mosaic is a contemporary Sunday School class for contemporary families made up of adults of any gender, age or walks of life.  Our goals are…To Reach: To reach out to our friends, neighbors, family, and others in
the name of Christ.  To bring together each piece in a Mosaic for God.  To Teach: To give our members a comfortable environment in which to learn how to incorporate God’s Word in our daily family lives.  We recognize everyone comes from a unique spiritual background and in a unique point on his or her walk with Christ.  And to Serve:  To provide mission opportunities that serve our church, other families, and/or children’s ministries.  To ensure that mission opportunities are family oriented so that we may involve our children and extended family members.
Location:  Indian Run—Library
Duration:  Weekly, Starting September 11th
Meeting Dates and Time:  Sundays, 10:00am
Childcare:  Nursery available.
Contact:  Mel and Todd Homan
Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group
This is a verse-by-verse Bible study group.  Occasionally studies may be topical.  Topics are chosen by the members of the group.  Participants are invited to bring the translation of the Bible with which they are comfortable and share along.  Men, women, and all ages welcome!
Location:  Indian Run 
Duration:  Weekly, Year-Round
Meeting Dates and Time:  Wednesdays, 10:00-11:00am.
Contact:  Beverly Steynberg—ba.steynberg@yahoo.co.uk / 614-772-1893
Wesley Class Bible Study
Do you wonder sometimes why you are here?  What is the meaning of life?  Do you wish God could talk to you and give you instructions for your life?  Well…He does talk to us and give us answers to all of our questions – through His Word.  The Wesley Class is in the midst of a journey through the Bible, one book at a time.   We are discovering reasons for our existence, directions for our lives, and wonderful promises for our future – all within the pages of the Holy Scriptures.  At present, we are looking at how the Old Testament points to the Savior to come.  It all takes place within a friendly and open group of mixed-age adults.

Location:  Indian Run 
Duration: This group is on a break for the summer

Meeting Dates and Time:  Sundays, 10:00am
Childcare:   Nursery available.
Contact:  Peggy Barber—dbarber@columbus.rr.com / 614-214-7965